Oakland University’s Clean Energy Research Center is hosting a BioEnergy Conference on Tuesday April 26th.  This is an all day event, providing an opportunity for bioenergy system experts and equipment suppliers to connect with project developers and potential system owners.  Networking opportunities are included throughout the day to allow discussions and face to face interactions.

Presentations be made by State and Federal biomass experts, and information will be presented on energy crop production / fuel procurement, combustion, torrefaction, pyrolosis, gasification, anerobic digestion, and biochar.  All meals, a happy hour, and educational materials are included in a $150 registration fee.

OU will also discuss the forthcoming small wood boiler installation and biomass pellet research, as well as OU efforts to develop a new, central biomass heating plant.

Please visit   www.oakland.edu/bioenergyconference for more information and to register online to attend.  Vendor sponsorship is also available for bioenergy equipment suppliers or potential contractors.

This conference will not be covering transportation fuels, but will focus on stationary thermal and power systems.


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